When time is a luxury that you just do not have, qualitative data analyses can be a very time-intensive, slow activity that can cause a delay in delivering results. Sentiment Analysis is a candidate for resolving that deficit and in a rapid way. This essay describes how implementation scientists will be infinitely helped by Sentiment Analysis when dealing with large qualitative data sets, time-sensitive projects, the need to disseminate findings in a short time frame, or projects that may involve a rapidly evolving dynamic environment. This essay further details the speedy process of Sentiment Analysis in how it may assist qualitative data analysis by freeing up time in interpreting how and why an intervention may or may not be successful through rapid opinion mining of text of transcripts or fieldnotes. Finally, this essay closes with the consideration of Sentiment Analysis and its utility in the rapid-cycle Formative Evaluation Feedback Loop, ongoing intervention optimization, and trial outcomes. This essay is a must-read for those implementation scientists interested in the value of turning from implementation to rapid implementation in all respects.