Immunology, from its earliest inception, has been concerned with biological identity—its establishment and maintenance. In its original iteration, immunity was conceived as that function that preserved the integrity of the organism in terms of protecting and restoring its individuality. In terms of COVID-19 we can significantly add to the analysis of Foucault-Agamben line by acknowledging a political rationality for the quarantine and social distancing of the pandemic that seems to suggest a common theme: the ‘quarantined subject’ and ‘staying at home’. 6Esposito argues that politics and medicine have become mutually linked and transforming, including both ‘a politicization of medicine’ and ‘a medicalization of politics’, creating a politics very different from its classic role and profile. The Wuhan Lab conspiracy was supported by Trump, Pence and Pompeo, but contradicted by their own intelligence and health advisors like Anthony Fauci, who echoed the scientific consensus that the COVID-19 virus was ‘natural’ and showed no signs of being genetically engineered.