This chapter offers an alternative method of learning English through a more practical framework that addresses real-world usage of English, its pluricentricity, and its diversity—where English is no longer tied to the native speaker group and where real-life English dialogues might not always involve native English speakers. Taking the case of tertiary learners in a public university in Southern Thailand that accommodates a diversity of Thai and international students as a unique linguacultural setting, the chapter presents Global Englishes Language Teaching (GELT) learning-based activities as useful prompts to raise students’ awareness of Global Englishes issues, English Language Teaching (ELT) ideologies in Thailand, and beliefs and attitudes towards Standard Englishes (British and American). The implemented Student-Foreigners Global Englishes Language Teaching exposure activity that targeted undergraduate students who were enrolled in a Global Englishes course included an In-Class Video-Based Learning Activity and a Field-Trip Learning Activity. The chapter discusses the relationship between the Global Englishes Language Teaching framework and English language teaching and presents the suitability of the former in the Thai context. Through this pedagogical alteration, students can receive essential preparation to apply in-class learning experiences to solve their out-of-class communicative problems, as English speakers from different backgrounds speak English differently.