This chapter presents the necessary components and strategies to create learning stations by designing a lesson plan that facilitates student work on global variation in the English language, with a special focus on American and British English. Traditionally considered as a set of activities that may mainly suit younger learners, learning stations are an efficient strategy to introduce and practice interconnected themes in the teaching and learning of complex topics. These session materials for college students are divided into several parts, which are then assigned to different places within the classroom; tasks are implemented through manipulable materials dealing with familiar and formal language. Although not widely known among pre-service and young teachers, results after thorough planning are very satisfactory and allow a wide range of linguistic variation, which facilitates accommodation to different educational needs. The provided lesson plan illustrates that Learning Stations related to the practice of different Englishes and words from several origins by using cards, post-it notes, and other textual materials are highly popular among students from different backgrounds of English as a foreign language.