The effectiveness of the British models of community policing in Fiji

Community policing has become a popular and important policing strategy used in developed and developing countries (Baker, 2010; Davis et al., 2003; Edwards, 2005; Friedmann, 1992; Jones & Newburn, 2006). There is adequate literature on community policing in most parts of the world, but very little in the context of the Pacific region. Fiji has adopted the British model of community policing and this chapter discusses five British community policing schemes implemented in Fiji – their strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. In addition, one new local self-policing scheme has been discussed. This study employed a qualitative research approach, and, as such, semi-structured interviews with relevant key stakeholders were utilised as the primary method to collect information for the study. The data were thematically analysed, and evidence was presented in the form of direct quotations from the interviews. This chapter contributes to the existing literature on community policing in the Pacific Islands states.