Research on Nordic Noir–inspired screen tourism addresses cross-sector collaboration of television, publishing, tourism and leisure and the material places of screen tourism. We add to this research by specifically addressing mobility (e.g., movement or transportation) and motility (e.g., differential resources for mobility) within media, mobility and screen studies. In this chapter, we explore how and why British Nordic Noir fans mobilise around their entertainment passions – how they meet, share and explore Nordic Noir at fan gatherings. By following in the footsteps of fans, we learn how they mobilise themselves into collectives, joining literary reading groups, commenting and sharing on social media, or by taking a Scandinavian tour. We focus our analysis on small details and practical arrangements, the ‘micro moves’ of discovery, engagement and contestation. In such a way, we hope to expand our idea of ‘entertainment mobilisation’ as a means of analysing both material and symbolic mobility within and around media and screen tourism. Our hope is to illuminate the Nordic constellations of fan movements, identities and power.