In recent years, the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCSs) have faced significant challenges despite the recognition of the intrinsic value of culture as a driver of economic growth, social fairness, active citizenship, and identity and have had limited resources at their disposal to do so. At a time when the effects of the financial crisis are still being felt within the Spanish cultural ecosystems, the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the relevance of culture as a social remedy, especially during the lockdown, although it has also exposed the vulnerability of the CCSs in terms of labour conditions and public support. This chapter examines how Spanish cultural and creative organizations reacted to the lockdown measures implemented in March 2020 following the outbreak. It provides descriptive data on the early-stage impact of lockdown on the operational structure of CCS organizations, the actions they took to adapt to the situation, and the resources at their disposal, as well as their prospects in the medium and long term. This chapter concludes by raising questions around the effectiveness of the subsidy scheme implemented in Spain to support the CCS, highlighting the need for a strategic recovery plan.