Quantico, an American thriller television series aired on the ABC, begins with the aftermath of an explosion: Grand Central Station in New York City has been razed to the ground in a terrorist attack. Mobility and the production of cultural and racial difference have long been intimately related and, in contexts of contemporary capitalism, the hypermediation of difference is co-implicated with the entrenchment of neoliberal multiculturalism and late-capitalist mutations of cosmopolitanism. Brand Chopra exemplifies how discourses of racial difference structure the production of value in capitalism. Displaced onto multicultural difference and cosmopolitanism, inequalities of race emerge as structuring forces in the consolidation of the security state and racial capitalism. Labor arbitrage is a prerequisite for outsourcing to be profitable for transnational and multinational companies and becomes a process of racialization when it is based on a calculus according to which the labor and time of workers in the Global South are undervalued.