This chapter examines one Asian Australian and one Asian New Zealand web series that redefine notions of home, kinship and belonging: Homecoming Queens, written by Michelle Law and Chloe Reeson and directed by Corrie Chen, and Flat, written and directed by Roseanne Liang. It provides the analyses of the web series to follow through the notion of “platformativity” developed by Thomas Lamarre. Homecoming Queens is a semi-autobiographical seven-part series that marks the first commission for the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)'s online streaming service, SBS On Demand. SBS is one of Australia's two main public broadcasters, tasked in its charter to champion multiculturalism and on-screen diversity. The unconventional format of the web series, with short bite-sized episodes of variable lengths, is arguably better suited to telling stories about “unconventional” characters, meaning those who are marginalized and not as visible on traditional media.