This chapter presents the results of the development of a new Russian-speaking tool for the measurement of the level of emotional intelligence as an ability – the Emotional Intelligence Test (EIT). The methodology of the test is based upon the Mayer, Salovey, and Caruso model of EI as an ability and the psycho-evolutionary theory of emotions of Plutchik. During the development of EIT, problems that arose during the adaptation and standardization of the MSCEIT methodology were taken into account. Psychometric testing of the EIT methodology was conducted on a sample of 1007 respondents aged from 20 to 72 years. Following the testing of the EIT methodology the descriptive statistics of the indicators of the methodology, data on the factor, structural, theoretical validity, and reliability are presented. The results obtained allow us to conclude that the EIT methodology can be used as an adequate psychodiagnostic tool, which provides a means of measurement of the level of development of emotional intelligence in Russian-speaking respondents.