Illuminating comparisons are at hand from other classical anthropological studies from the Mediterranean. In Alcala, an Andalusian pueblo and a larger community with a more diversified social structure, the situation is, accordingly, a modified version of that in Ambeli. Rules of relevancy refer to what is permissible and/or desirable in a relationship, and friendship (from now on, all references are to the ideal form within the idea-value world) is remarkable in that those rules appear not to be imposed from the outside, and, furthermore, they may be largely hidden from view to all outside the relationship. The ideal of the personal and private relationship is acutely dependent on there being no moral separation between friends, and yet it is essentially defenceless against that eventuality. Adversary culture circles may well spawn public heroes (as they do traitors), or at the very least a 'heroic' ambience 'out there', and this is not without significance for the image-making of friendship.