This chapter outlines the ways a neo-Pagan faction of the Russian ethno-nationalists used to build up mythological versions of the Slavic ethnogenesis. It demonstrates how these versions reflected the contemporary ethno-demographic, social and political processes within the country as well as the ethno-nationalist evaluations of the Russians’ role in the world community. The chapter examines how these highly primordialist concepts manage to overcome the problems of discontinuities and breaks in order to prove the immortal nature of the Russian cultural community and to encourage Russian identity. It addresses a number of crucial objective factors which negatively affected the Russians. The chapter analyses an ideological response of the Russian ethno-nationalists to these processes. It argues that the growth of Russian ethno-nationalism is not accidental and that it may have serious political consequences in the future. The Russian ethno-nationalists have tried to develop and encourage a self-esteem and pride for their glorious Russian ancestors.