The world is shifting as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and human resource professionals are anticipating a turnover tsunami as employees search for positions that align with their personal values and offer quality of life. Leaders must be prepared with models for change that can adapt a new mode of operating that is human-centered and not employee-centered. This chapter introduces new forms of Self-Actualized Leadership to prepare leaders for the change that is needed to maximize human potential and prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in organizations. A new framework for change is introduced that blends the work of Abraham Maslow on Enlightened Leadership and Edwin Hollander’s Inclusive Leadership theory. Together, these frameworks create a new mental model for change that starts with personal (internal) development and leads to organizational (external) change. Self-Actualized Leaders only become self-realized by helping others bring their “whole self to work” and align their strengths and values to the organizational mission. The result of Self-Actualized Leadership is peak performance by individuals who have realized their personal potential and diverse (and inclusive) teams that have mastered collaboration for organizational success.