This chapter discusses the psychological skills training (PST) with other preparations to optimize performance of closed self-paced motor task in each training phase. In particular, effective ways to practice psychological techniques as part of pre-performance routines will be presented in two closed self-paced motor tasks: archery and shooting free-throw shots in basketball. Performance routines are important, critical factors in an athlete's success, and they assist in optimizing performance of closed self-paced motor tasks, such as shooting free-throw shots in basketball, shooting in archery, and golf putting. To achieve this goal, sport psychology consultants and coaches should pay attention to the following points: The two case studies that incorporated mental skills training based on the PST model with physical/training processes demonstrate the effectiveness of pre-performance routines in optimizing performance of closed self-paced motor tasks. In addition, this information is important for coaches so that they can provide the athletes with an essential tool for performance enhancement in closed self-paced motor tasks.