This chapter examines the relevance of artificial intelligence (AI) for construction disputes, focusing on LegalTec related to AI, machine learning, Distributed Ledger Technology (blockchain), Integrated Engineering or Construction ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and Building Information Modeling (BIM). Construction ERP and BIM use (virtual) central storage of all project data in databases that can be queried in real time and track all project related activities, which can also be more easily correlated by the operators. They create massive amounts of data in machine readable and standardized formats with potential for use in machine learning, AI and predictive technologies. If one considers the complexity, duration, the associated cost of most construction disputes and the often-voiced need in the construction industry for swifter resolution this kind of reduction of issues to be decided and the simplification concerning the establishment of facts seem to indicate that there should be a sufficiently great market for such functionalities that operate at the pre-legal dispute level.