This chapter foregrounds the voices of seven beginning teachers of geography as they reflect on their experiences of being mentored. Short, qualitative interviews, analysed through the framework of threshold concepts (Meyer and Land, 2003; Meyer et al., 2006), formed the basis for the series of vignettes, and through these vignettes participants shared the mentoring experiences that allowed them to cross thresholds (Cousin, 2006) in their practice as beginning geography teachers. The beginning teachers were encouraged to reflect on how mentors helped them to successfully negotiate the liminal space (Cousin, 2006; Meyer et al., 2006) and troublesome moments (Meyer and Land, 2003) in learning to teach geography, sharing practical ideas and suggestions for learning activities that – for them – made a difference in their school experience. In addition to the tasks and targets that mentors set, beginning teachers reflected on successful mentor/mentee relationships, describing mechanisms for the development of a relationship of trust which facilitates continuous professional dialogue, reflection and critical engagement for both mentor and mentee.