Cecilia Maria Barthélemon published her Three Sonatas for the Piano-Forte, or Harpsichord, op 1, by subscription in 1791. The subscription list names 337 persons from several countries, who together pledged to order 365 copies. The list is remarkable not only for including both Haydn and Mozart but also for revealing the wide range of contacts of the Barthélemon family, which comprised Cecilia and her parents François-Hippolyte and Maria Barthélemon, both well-known accomplished musicians.

This chapter identifies the more significant subscribers and describes their connections with the Barthélemon family. Royal subscribers included the Prince of Wales, the Duke of York, and the Queen of Naples. The music sellers Longman and Broderip ordered six copies for sale to their customers. Thirteen persons subscribed from Ireland, reflecting the strong ties of Cecilia's parents to that country. Several subscribers can be linked to Vauxhall, where the Barthélemons lived. Other categories of subscribers include composers, visiting Italian singers, musical instrument makers, writers about music, aristocrats, servants of the royal household, freemasons who associated with Cecilia's father, and family friends.