Are LibGuides an appropriate tool for social justice education and advocacy? Using a combination of literature and case studies from other institutions, this chapter highlights both the opportunities and limitations of LibGuides as a tool for social justice. The author argues that creating LibGuides can be an appropriate and transformative part of the social change ecosystems of library workers; however, to be most effective, LibGuide creators must make critical reflections before, during, and after creating their LibGuides. Such critical reflections include the purpose of a particular LibGuide as well as the knowledge, identity, and perspectives of its creator(s), especially their local context. Building on these ideas, this chapter provides suggestions on how to make critical reflections on social-justice-focused LibGuides, on the motivations going into such guides, and on the implementations of these guides. Ultimately, LibGuide creators must pair LibGuide creation with further action or they risk treating engagement with an issue as a box to be checked.