This chapter is concerned with acts of care and the ambivalences of caring futures frequently commodified as appendages rather than intrinsic ways of existing. It discusses feminist interceptions of care attend to the conceptual terrains in which acts of cultural centring construct cyber physical infrastructures of support from the margins; specific methods, collaboration and artistic practices complement the linkages that flow throughout. The chapter argues for the refusal of presenting concerns about care as an ethical process of ‘wellbeing as best practice’; doing so diminishes the possibility of radical transformation. Cosmographic networks challenge naive engagement with emergent technologies and caring futures to consider a revival of tacit knowledge found in unkempt aesthetics and radical practices of self-care. Re-working care in this way embodies endurance that is explicitly feminist in its commitment to imagining futures of caring through artistic interventions. Guided over time by a developing philosophical system, cosmographic networks and far-flung artistic practices can flourish despite ‘capitalist realist’ constraints.