After more than two months teaching online courses in a face-to-face university, some challenges have arisen. Reflections about benefits of the face-to-face teaching this period make teachers be creative. Even though Spain has both teaching categories, what are the methods that students take advantage in a face-to-face education? How can they be implemented in online teaching? On the other hand, this new challenge favours new methods than can improve either online or face-to-face classes. In record time, different platforms have been made available to teachers to facilitate online teaching. Their learning has happened in a very short time so as not to harm the normal development of classes and therefore students. However, in the degree in engineering in industrial design from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, different subjects are taught with some particularities that make difficult an exclusive online teaching. Artistic drawing, Workshop Design II or Visual Communication are examples to be analysed. For students used to attend face-to-face what are major drawbacks in online teaching? After assessing the experience lived, some conclusions and proposals will be given to improve both ways of the teaching-learning process. Maybe they are going to coexist from now on, and we need to be prepared to face it without any problem, no matter its nature.