The Odeimin Runners Club is a new Indigenous and Black-Persons-of-Colour (IBPOC) media collective experimenting with online story mapping platforms. The collective traces activities and connections in their engagements with each individual member and their respective communities. The project engages Indigenous cartography to re-trace trade and ceremonial routes between the north of Turtle Island and the Caribbean archipelago, linking stories, videos, and artworks to traditional territories. This depth-of-place sharing mutually supports each member in navigating the current political and environmental instabilities facing our communities. In this chapter, we discuss process cinema as a practice-based research methodology which incorporates filmmaking with Bolex cameras and plants and organic materials in hand processing 16 mm film. Odeimin Runners Club adapts these approaches to produce IBPOC counter-mapping and co-creation methodologies that thread knowledges, stories, and territories together to connect and share traditional wisdom. We then address process cinema methods in the making of three 16 mm films accessed through an interactive website as a test case and outline future explorations for an interactive documentary to facilitate storytelling within and between communities.