The research for this book established that the practice of delivering post-investment is guided by three main messages: post-investment is learnt while doing; at an operational level, context is king; and that they are on a mission to support economic growth.

Post-investment services should be designed around a structure of 5 foundational blocks. The first block considers weighting the relative importance of foreign investors to the host economy. This provides clarity on the level of influence these foreign investors have on the local economy. The second block focuses on the mandate that IPAs need to perform their duties. The third block goes to the very core of an IPA’s decision making and reveals whether investors or economic development takes priority. The fourth block looks at what success looks like from a host economy’s perspective. The final block explores the resources needed to set up a post-investment unit.

The 5 building blocks together provide a practical framework for beginners, as well as food for thought for experienced Aftercare practitioners and policy makers. Once the 5 foundational blocks are addressed, IPAs are well-placed to deliver Investor Services.