Careful planning is needed when designing Investor Services to ensure they are not only aligned with key stakeholders’ business, political and economic agendas, but that they also deliver the highest ROI given time spent, resources utilised and relationships made. A framework of 7 building blocks is presented in this chapter for designing Investor Services. These are: to know the local economy; to know and understand the investor; to segment the investor base; to define relevant value propositions; to choose delivery models that best fit the context; to orchestrate the local Ecosystem to jointly create FDI value; and to build an effective toolkit for delivering these services. A critical element in the delivery of Investor Services is the Aftercare team. There are many different ways an Aftercare team can be structured, in particular it can be centralised or decentralised, and there are usually 5 key roles: strategy role; Ecosystem broker role; sector expert; project manager; and client-facing role. The chapter closes with some considerations to keep in mind when delivering services, such as managing unpredictable timelines and dealing with over-optimistic forecasts, and when to claim credit for success and when not to.