The surge in the demand for green minerals as a result of the global transition toward a decarbonized world provides a historic opportunity for a reset toward sustainability. This chapter explores how mineral-rich African countries can leverage their endowments in green minerals such as cobalt, copper, lithium, graphite, manganese, and nickel, which are inputs to lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). Through case studies in selected African countries, it finds that most are only involved in extraction and initial-stage processing of these minerals, while they can harness investments in this boom to establish upstream and side-stream inputs to mining and move into beneficiation and manufacturing. The chapter demonstrates that a greater share of LIB value chain processes can be undertaken within Africa through the promotion of joint ventures with key battery firms, which are win–win for current battery producers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in Africa. It is recommended that African countries examine their policies to promote LIB manufacturing; develop a roadmap to link with the LIB value chain; and build continental demand through the AfCFTA. Each country should invest in developing skills, competencies, infrastructure, and technology. The establishment of an African battery alliance is recommended for Africa’s sustainable and transformative future.