Educators and policymakers in Africa have often misunderstood Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) as a sub-sector for those who were incapable of pursuing academic programs, resulting in the perception of TVET as low standing within educational discourse. In many regions of the world, including Africa, TVET is generally perceived as inferior to academic study. With a saturated white-collar job market, youth unemployment remains a fundamental development challenge in Africa. While the system of education cannot be said to be the only cause of unemployment on the continent, contemporary discourses provide overwhelming evidence and convergence of opinion that skills acquisition and self-employment remain the panacea to this problem. This chapter explores the role of skills acquisition as a key driver of development. From interventions targeted at soft skills training and innovation to entrepreneurship and private sector engagement, this chapter examines the ongoing challenges facing TVET in Africa and the implications for sustainable financing for Africa’s TVET sector.