In this chapter, we report on one aspect of a design-based research project that explored the pilot implementation of a final-year course within a four-year Bachelor of Education programme. The course aimed at guiding student teachers to use a “new” way of lesson design – different from what was used in the preceding years of the programme. The crux of this lesson design approach is the foregrounding of principles derived from the body of scholarship referred to as the science of learning. The aim of the research reported here was to explore how pre-service teachers made sense of and implemented the lesson design approach. Data were generated by analysing a sample of the lessons that students designed, stimulated recall interviews using the same student teachers’ lessons, and open-ended interviews on student teachers’ experiences of the course. The course was planned prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the COVID-19 lockdown occurred, university teaching was abruptly moved online. In the light of this, the switch to remote teaching in relation to the findings of the research is also discussed.