Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in sport is one of the fastest growing areas of research in the sports sector, and therefore requires a greater focus on its evolution and development in the Iberian Peninsula. The aim of this chapter is to show the situation of research on entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in sport in the Iberian Peninsula through a bibliometric study. A bibliometric analysis of the Web of Sciences (WoS) was carried out, firstly obtaining a total of 562 documents, which after analysis and screening (PRISMA), finally resulted in 51 articles (Spain and Portugal, as Gibraltar and Andorra did not yield any results). After analysis, the different articles were classified into five clusters: Entrepreneurial education and entrepreneurial intentions in sport science students, Entrepreneurial orientation and innovation as an antecedent or consequence in sport organisations, Social entrepreneurship, educational entrepreneurship and bibliometric analysis, Sustainable sport entrepreneurship, Economics and entrepreneurship in sport. From a Spanish and Portuguese standpoint, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship in the sport industry are still expanding, with a rise in scientific production just in recent years.