Global warming, adverse climate change, and depletion of resources indicate the danger of sustainability on earth. The ignorance of companies on such severe issues in emerging markets may be disastrous for them as well as for their customers. The companies operating in emerging markets that are in the process of executing sustainable marketing programmes are truly showing the way forward. This chapter captures the opportunities and challenges of different sustainable marketing practices adopted by companies in emerging markets. The study is qualitative and exploratory. It uses the phenomenological type of qualitative research. Data was analyzed to propose the conceptual framework of sustainable marketing practices in emerging markets. The chapter concludes on the context based on challenges and opportunities for companies practising in emerging markets. The results suggest that apart from environmental and social value for money (economic), other factors are essential for sustainable marketing practices. The well-developed viable marketing strategy which strives for a sustainable future brings organizations competitive advantage and growth opportunities. The insights on the development of emerging markets were utilized to develop a framework for sustainable marketing practices.