Considering Fela Kuti’s 1986 song titled Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense, Oyemolade Osibodu reflects on their processes on ensuring that as a researcher, they did not teach or do nonsense. In this chapter, Osibodu discusses the ways they attempt to disrupt the researcher-researched binary in their collaboration with five Sub-Saharan African youth. Employing decolonial frameworks and methodologies in critical mathematics education, Osibodu seeks to disrupt the impact of coloniality within the spheres of power, knowledge, and being. Throughout the research, Osibodu continuously reminded collaborators that they were not bounded by the consent forms that they signed in order to shift the project’s research design based on participants’ desires. Ultimately, Osibodu argues that although scary and uncomfortable, co-managing the research design with participants can create spaces of deep, ethical, and meaningful facilitation in the research space.