This chapter explores Franco-German partnerships – mainly in the Upper Rhine Region – set up for the need of photovoltaic energy production. The aim is to understand the legal tools mobilised, the normative obstacles and to explore whether this phenomenon reveals the development of an integrated renewable energy market or not. The pooling of (legal and extra-legal) knowledge as well as the harmonisation of Franco-German regulations under the impetus of European law can facilitate cooperation in the cross-border production of photovoltaic energy. Furthermore, photovoltaic energy mobilises a wide variety of small actors, at the citizen level, which requires the adaptation of legal tools and of the energy market. This chapter will consider to what extent the recent reforms adopted in order to facilitate photovoltaic production by local actors are efficient and whether some additional changes should be initiated. The chapter will consist of three parts. The first part will analyse the progress made in company law and participatory financing. The second part will focus on the inadequacy of the regulation of insurance, prices and grid connection. Finally, we will question the necessity and future challenges of a reinforced cooperation of production and networking of photovoltaic energies between France and Germany.