The chapter identifies the ways in which digital feminist initiatives, which have mobilised to construct resistance through affects and emotions, are articulated. We will address different axes of analysis articulated around the concept of anger competence. This concept allows us to explore the mediatisation processes of women's rage, such as the productive dimension of rage and its capacity for politicising discursive transformation, the construction of the subjects who enunciate rage in terms of credibility and their capacity for agency or discourses in which the expression of rage reveals inequalities and oppressions. This will be addressed through the case study of the rape of an 18-year-old woman by a group of five men in Spain that became known as La Manada (The Pack), as the men called themselves. The first two court rulings, which convicted the group of sexual abuse, triggered the anger of women both on the streets and in the online environment where affective communities of digitally mediated resistance were created. The hashtag #YoSiTeCreo (I believe you) thus managed to mediate female rage and activate a political response that resulted in the men being charged with rape, thereby revalorising the victim's testimony. Finally, we will address the hashtag #YoNoTeCreo [#IDon’tBelieveYou], which emerged in the context of backlash to the digital discourses of feminism. This allows us to account for the discursive tensions that arose in response to the enunciation of the mediatised rage of women.