Yoga is frequently used in conjunction with standard treatment approaches for eating disorders. However, yoga’s efficacy and effectiveness in preventing and treating eating disorders has remained unclear. The aim of this comprehensive review and meta-analysis is to review the extant literature and assess the effects of yoga in the prevention and intervention of eating disorder symptoms and correlates in both clinical and non-clinical populations. Studies assessing yoga and its effect on eating disorder symptoms and/or body image as related to disordered eating, were eligible for inclusion. The comprehensive review details correlational, non-controlled, non-randomized controlled, and yoga comparison studies. For the meta-analysis, only randomized controlled trials comparing a yoga-based intervention to a non-yoga control group were included. In total, 43 studies are included in this review, with 11 trials involving 754 participants included in the meta-analysis. Results of the comprehensive review and meta-analyses results indicated yoga interventions demonstrated a small, significant effect on global eating disorder psychopathology, a moderate-to-large effect on binge eating and bulimia, and a small effect on body image concerns, as compared to the control conditions. There was no statistically significant effect on dietary restraint in either direction. Additionally, results indicated a small-to-moderate effect on a composite measure of eating disorder-related constructs. These findings suggest that yoga-based interventions may be an effective approach supporting the prevention and treatment of eating disorders.