Women's sexual wellbeing is essential to public health as an important indicator of health equity and overall wellbeing. Women who are in romantic relationship with a partner with compulsive sexual behaviour (CSB), sex addiction (SA), or problematic pornography use (PPU) experience unique harms, trauma, and other negative effects due to the nature of an addiction or compulsivity operating in the sexual system of a romantic context where safety, trust, empathy, emotional intimacy, honoring of commitments, honesty, and sexual wellbeing are foundational to a healthy secure attachment bond. Theoretical conceptual models for treating women impacted by a partner's CSB/SA/PPU will be discussed as well as models for healthy relationships, sexual wellbeing, and sociocultural influences on women's sexuality. Insights from research and clinical cases will illuminate how a partner's CSB/SA/PPU may impact women's wellbeing, sexuality, and her experiences in romantic relationship.