Shedding long overdue light on the predatory and exploitative behavior of film producers (in this case James B. Harris and Stanley Kubrick), this chapter brings to light the hidden history of the exploited young person, in this case, Sue Lyon. In so doing, the chapter takes issue with ‘auteur apologism’ (i.e. the fact that moral faults or even illegal behavior by an auteur can be forgiven in the name of the work of art itself). Taking a critical feminist approach, as does the author here, does not mean removing these male auteurs from history, however, but rather working toward a wider project about the historical (and ongoing) systemic exploitative conditions of production in Hollywood. This project is not just about one film, or one director, or about the “salacious detail” but about contributing to the wider understanding of systemic exploitation, abuse, and gender inequalities across entertainment industries and across history.