Classic studies in social psychology have offered generations of students’ insight into the darker side of human behaviour. Phenomena such as intergroup aggression. conformity, obedience, deindividuation and bystander apathy are well documented and can be observed, from laboratory, to school playground, to warzone. The aim of this chapter is to discover the prosocial lessons that can be learned by understanding the more antisocial aspects of human nature. More specifically the chapter will investigate methods of reducing conflict and bullying in schools. The whole school approach has been championed for decades by Scandinavian researcher Dan Olweus. His findings suggest that a school must be characterised by ‘warmth, positive interest and involvement from adults’ (Olweus, 1996). Programs informed by Olweus focus on the improvement of interpersonal relationships within schools and throughout their wider communities. Therefore, the primary aim of the chapter is to offer evidence based, practical recommendations to school staff about how to manage bullying moving forward.