For every human being with normal faculties, sound is the key to language and communication, and in all cultures, music seems to share the functions of marking the important passages of life—the tender lullabies of birth, the joyous celebrations of union, the grief-filled mourning of passings. Writing songs with children can be a rewarding experience, both for the children and for their adult cowriters. The vehicle of songwriting is one that excites young people and gives them a novel way to express their feelings, tell their stories, and share their sense of humor. Music collectors hold thousands of digital compositions in their libraries, and debates rage over the “ownership” of music property. The demands of reality, a scarcity of time or space, or the need for particular materials or supplies can all be viewed as barriers to creativity. Educators are always searching for ways to make learning more meaningful, to deepen the connections between the content material and the students.