Artificial Intelligence is an area of computer science that raises many questions in philosophy, neuroscience, and cognitive science. It is also an area of technological innovation that has completely transformed some aspects of human life and continues to do so. Several broad projects are pursued within AI, depending on whether one is using AI systems to model human psychology or to describe idealized rationality, and depending on whether the focus is on the behavior of a model or also on its internal structure. There are many successful approaches to AI, including symbolic systems and connectionism, and these approaches often compete to explain the full range of cognitive capabilities. There are also philosophical debates about whether it is possible in principle to build a genuinely intelligent computer system. Whereas many approaches to AI have advocated fairly strict divisions of labor between disciplines, we endorse explanatory pluralism, which uses varied approaches to model disparate aspects of cognition and leverages the rich array of AI methods to provide broader insights into the mind and brain.