Much of the research on the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework includes the investigation of course design and instructor practices, yet rarely are these elements reported in enough detail to provide guidance to practitioners. In this chapter, we examine current applications of the CoI from the research base. Next, we discuss four studies our team has conducted: (a) a meta-analysis on Social Presence and student outcomes (e.g., perceived learning and satisfaction: Richardson et al., 2017); (b) a meta-analysis on Teaching Presence and student outcomes (Caskurlu et al., 2020); (c) a meta-analysis on Cognitive Presence and student outcomes (Caskurlu et al., 2022); and (d) a thematic synthesis of the qualitative evidence of the factors influencing students’ online learning experiences as informed by the CoI framework (Garrison et al., 2000). Each of these four studies allowed us to look across contexts, disciplinary areas, and measures. Finally, we provide evidence-based guidelines for developing and implementing collaborative and constructivist online courses.