This chapter introduces effective instructional design and facilitation strategies for balance and integration of the three forms of presence in a community of inquiry (CoI): Teaching Presence, Social Presence, and Cognitive Presence. Balancing these three is critical to providing quality learning experiences. Suggestions and tips derived from literature and expert review are provided regarding CoI design and facilitation. First, relationships among the three presences are discussed from the social constructive learning theory perspective. Second, the CoI design, which changes the focus between each presence, is presented using the learning process flow, as are descriptions of teacher roles in the process. Individual student learning in a community of inquiry occurs through interactions with other students and with teachers, as well as with themselves to internalize learning with metacognition and self-reflection. In the CoI learning process, teacher facilitation directly affects student learning experiences and outcomes. Thus, facilitation strategies to promote learning are also illustrated with technological tools that can be used to promote learning, and learning analytics are used to help teachers facilitate student learning.