This chapter analyses the socio-political aspects of China–Pakistan relations during the last decade covering three governments in Pakistan. It argues that the PPP government (2008–2013) laid the groundwork for the boom in the diplomatic relationship, the PML-N government (2013–18) accelerated the growth, and the PTI government (since 2018) began to reap the benefits. While the chapter adopts a comprehensive approach, the major focus is on the CPEC which has emerged at the center of the Sino-Pakistani relationship. The chapter finds that net gains for both countries were positive during the period under discussion. For Pakistan, Chinese investment helped in overcoming the energy crisis and getting diplomatic support to raise Pakistan’s regional stature. For China, Pakistan played a crucial role in the development of BRI, providing China access to its markets as well as to the Indian Ocean via the Gwadar Port. The continuation and the implementation of the CPEC projects during different governments stand as a testament to the fact that both countries are determined to expand their diplomatic relationship.