Flexible forms of employment are an important way employees and employers are adjusting to changes occurring in the labour market and the era of the digital economy. The time and place of work can be flexible, as can the form of employment contract chosen and the relationship between employee and employer, remuneration or scope of work. One flexible form of employment is job sharing. It consists in sharing a full-time job between a number of people who work part-time and voluntarily assume responsibility for the implementation of tasks associated with that job. The first chapter presents the essence of job sharing based on a review of the literature. It is noted that job sharing is a complex concept and legal solutions for concluding contracts connected with this form of employment differ from country to country. However, job sharing may help to overcome many digital economy-related challenges on the labour market. The second part of this chapter presents the results of our own survey, which clearly indicate that job sharing is the least-frequently used form of employment offered by the employers surveyed. In contrast to other European countries, in Poland job sharing is offered primarily by companies in the private sector, and to the least extent by public sector entities.