The PISA study has revolutionized the policy debate on education. This paradigm shift has caused fierce debates, detailed in the literature reviewed, both in Southeast Asia and Central Europe and even in the North American continent. Considering the relevance of the topic, it was necessary to understand the knowledge produced by the study conducted by the OECD. This work aims to make a quantitative analysis of the scientific production produced related to the term “PISA OECD”. For this purpose, a bibliometric analysis was performed using the VOSviewer software. Four hundred and eight articles were analysed and selected from the Web of Science database. The study analyses the production by year of publication, country and funding. Bibliographical references and keywords are also analysed. The most cited authors were grouped by clusters and their scientific production was dissected. Sustained growth in publication and research funding in this area was concluded. The most relevant thematic area is public policies, and it should be noted that schools and students also deserve a prominent place in some literature.