In this chapter, Michael Krona accounts for and analyses the role of Swedish supporters in IS’s digital warfare. By examining various cases of Swedish foreign fighters who have travelled to join the terror group, as well as domestic supporters remaining in Sweden, the chapter illustrates Swedish supporters’ varying, yet sometimes central, role within the establishment of IS’s “virtual Caliphate”. Such involvement ranges from direct participation in official propaganda videos, to calls for participation and provision of financial support. In addition, notable extremists, such as Michael Skråmo and Abdi Fitah Ahmed, actively used various social media channels in order to inspire and recruit new followers. In addition, Krona highlights that the digital activities among Swedish supporters coincide with the general transformation of IS’s communication practices – from the early use of open social media, to encrypted platforms. Krona further highlights that, even after the fall of the caliphate, Swedish supporters have remained active within the global movement of IS. As such, there are no signs of less ideological support for IS within Sweden.