In this chapter, Susanne Olsson, Simon Sorgenfrei, and Jonas Svensson analyse some of the narratives presented by one of the most prominent Swedish Salafi online forums: Islam.nu. While advocating a non-violent, inward-looking interpretation, puritan Salafists clearly still separate the in-group from the out-group. By using two different case studies, examining the narratives presented in relation to COVID-19 as well as the issue of gender roles, the chapter probes into the possible tension between the Salafi ideology and existing norms and expectations within the liberal democratic society of Sweden. While clearly expressing ideals that deviate from some of the more mainstream views within Swedish society, the authors highlight that it is clear from the cases examined that the surrounding society indeed does affect the narratives presented. For example, one of the cases show that the group seeks to promote a “positive” image of Islam in relation to gender issues, and that the narratives presented are adjusted according to the values of the mainstream society. While perhaps not constituting a threat to society, the authors still highlight that the decision of some organisations and public agencies to cooperate with puritan Salafists entails certain risks. These collaborations run the risk of giving legitimacy to conservative groups that promote undemocratic values, which might endanger the rights and freedoms of certain individuals.