As a consequence of how digital innovation has revolutionized their ways of doing things, tourism events have been modified. The way tourists engage with, read about, and think about an event is influenced by digital innovation. It effects how individuals communicate on a daily basis and adds to their culture. Tourists live in an era when technological advancements are prevalent. Better planning, promotion and marketing are all aided by digital innovation in tourist events. Tourism events have increasingly used digital innovation to save costs, enhance operations performance, and, most importantly, improve service quality and experience. Digital innovation also assists in evaluating alternative occurrences as well as comparing and contrasting accessible possibilities. The major purpose of digital innovation, which brings together technologies to support growth, usage and information exchange, is to simplify chores and address many of the difficulties that arise during tourist events. This book is distinguished by its narrow emphasis (conceptual debates, case studies and future research directions), which is followed by critical explanations, examples and in-field author testimonies. This book’s content includes corporate, community, religious and sports-related tourism events. It examines the use of digital innovation in tourist events in order to highlight the facts and the role of marketing tactics in the promotion of tourism events.