The Republic of Altai is situated in the Altai Mountains. It borders Kazakhstan to the south-west and Mongolia to the south-east. Kemerovo Oblast lies to the north, Khakasiya and Tyva to the north-east, and Altai Krai to the north-west. The administrative centre, Gorno-Altaisk, had an estimated population of 64,504 in January 2021. The Republic of Altai’s gross regional product (GRP) amounted to 58,977m. Tyva lies to the south-east, the Republic of Altai to the south-west, Kemerovo Oblast to the west, and Krasnoyarsk Krai to the north and east. The Republic’s agriculture consists mainly of animal husbandry, and potato and vegetable production. Agriculture employed 6.6% of the workforce and contributed 2.7% of GRP in 2019. Most of Altai Krai lies within the Western Siberian Plain. It has an international boundary to the south with Kazakhstan.