Greg Hermanovic has had a varied career as a software/hardware designer, live visualist and the co-developer of key animation and Live Visuals software such as Houdini and TouchDesigner. Greg helped develop the training simulator for the US Space Shuttle’s CanadArm robotic manipulator and other aircraft simulators. In 1987 he co-founded Side Effects Software, makers of Houdini, and he received two Academy Awards for the advancement of procedural visual effects tools in the film industry. Since founding Derivative in 2000 he has been continuously working on TouchDesigner, a highly significant Live Visuals software, which has been used on-set for the film Gravity, and in projects for Walt Disney Imagineering, Google, Prada Tokyo Epicenter, MIT Media Lab, Carsten Nicolai, Plastikman, Rush, Michael Snow and many more. In this interview with Steve Gibson, Greg talks about his long history with audio-visuals, his varied projects at Derivative and his ideas for the future of Live Visuals.