This chapter explores the significant policies and initiatives that are opening up opportunities for Indigenous employment in the Australian hospitality sector and investigates the policy complexities and the underlying barriers to Indigenous employment in the sector. This chapter employs a comprehensive review of the relevant literature, government reports, and online databases. Some key barriers responsible for low representation of Indigenous workers in the Australian labor market are living in remote areas with limited job opportunities, racial discrimination in job applications, lower levels of education than other Australians, health issues and substance abuse, and lack of the financial resources and social skills required to start a business. This chapter argues that employment in the hospitality sector sets a relatively low bar for meaningful and rewarding employment. In a precarious working environment, employees predominantly report high levels of disrespect and abuse, low job security, and limited access to decent working conditions. This study offers insights to aid decision-makers and managers in improving Indigenous employment in their organizations and driving positive change and contributes to the literature on how Australian Indigenous employment in hospitality can be considered an extreme case of work precarity and the rationale for improving Indigenous inclusion in hospitality.