The case study of Srebrna Góra Vineyard is intended to demonstrate how a Polish wine brand is being built in a market dominated by foreign products and brands. From the consumer ethnocentrism point of view, the Polish wine market is an extremely interesting case. Polish wines have been available in Poland for a rather short time and they must compete with products imported from all over the world. For many years domestic wines have been missing from the Polish wine market. Ethnocentrism in this case is mainly connected with curiosity and the desire to taste a new Polish product. In addition, the operations of a young Polish winemaker are restricted by a really small scale of production. The uniqueness of the product makes it regionally attractive to both Polish and foreign consumers. In the light of consumer ethnocentrism, we are dealing here with a serious price challenge since due to the small scale of production, Polish wines are more expensive than imported ones. Direct sales at the Vineyard is a target solution that may naturally stimulate ethnocentric behaviour.