This chapter presents the results of a survey addressed to managers of food-processing companies and food distributors. We obtained 68 completed questionnaires, including 30 food producers and processors, 17 wholesalers, and 21 retailers. We discuss the characteristics of these companies and our respondents. Then, the principal results are presented, including comparisons between producers, wholesalers, and retailers, and – in some cases – consumers. The country-of-origin (COO) was the most important food attribute, followed by the trust in the point of sale, and product appearance. The greatest importance was placed on the COO of honey, bread, meat, cold cuts, and milk. The attitudes to German food products varied depending on the product category and type of respondent’s company. Negative attitudes (scores below the scale mid-point) towards Ukrainian food products prevailed in almost all the examined food categories. There is common willingness to pay for the Polish origin of food to one’s suppliers. A large group of respondents from the investigated companies were critical about the credibility of the information about the COO of food products.